Friday, July 11, 2008

Expose Flash Gallery

Exposé is a Flash-based tool which allows you to create eye-catching slide shows of your pictures on the web. A list of the features supported by exposé includes the following:

- direct linking to a photo or album
- a slide show can be automatically started
- a background/foreground image can be loaded
- more interface elements can be now customized
- smoother Interface
- iframe has been removed, full php integration
- easier to adjust the size using only the expose.html.php
- improved background color adjustments
- check_system.php script added for troublshooting
- supports SEF URL's (being re-worked currently, limited functionality)
- upload/add background image through Joomla backend

The small footprint of the Flash clips and an intelligent loading of resources allow even dialup users to have a seamless experience viewing your photos. exposé is FREE for personal use.

The PHP Album Manager has very strict system requirements but is not needed to add new pics to you gallery (this is just another option if you have these extensions on your server). You can also install the Windows (or Mac) Album Manager found here:

After you have downloaded the Album Manager login to your server via FTP and change directory to [JoomlaRoot]/components/com_expose and copy down the expose folder to your desktop or anywhere you know where to access it at. Lastly, open your Newly installed Album Manager and it will ask you where you expose folder is, just point it to that folder and you can edit away.

After you are done when you close the album manager it will ask you if you would like to save your configurations, Click "YES" and then re-upload the folder and you are all set. Create a Joomla Menu pointing to that component and it will look awesome!

This component is a bridge to the Expose Gallery found here This bridge is released as GNU/GPL but expose is under its original author's license agreement found here, If you have any questions please feel free to leave comments and/or suggestions in the forums listed below.

My Review

I was trying a number of photo gallery extentions. They had one problem or the other. If they were good, then the website would get to a crawl.

Finally I hit upon Expose 4. I did have a few timeout sessions initially, but it went fine after my 4th attempt. After installing when I got to the Component (I am running Joomla 1.5), the interface wouldn't come up as I didn't have DOMXML (I was running PHP 4). Tried getting DOMXML but stopped supporting it.

I then thought it would be better to take the risk of upgrading to PHP 5. After the PHP upgrade, the interface came up. Uploaded and organized the albums. Everything looking great!!

Excellent extention. Site has not speed issues. Recommend it.

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