Friday, July 11, 2008

JFusion -> Universal User Integration

JFusion needs YOUR help to grow into a beta software release with all the functions you could wish for! Please help by donating at:

Wow ... nice component and it actually works even when it's not on final release yet. They also got nice modules to really help integrate your joomla site to your forum. JFusion Activity module shows latest posts from forum, JFusion login module has direct link to your forum pm's and new forum posts and shows your avatar from your forum. Only con right now which is a minor one is you can only login from your joomla page in order to simultaneously login to your forum.

Hopefully dual login/logout feature from either joomla or forum will be available soon. Can't wait to see the final release.

Joomla 1.5.2
JFusion 1.06a

Also, I ocnverted my Fireboard 1.0.3 to SMF then to phpbb3. Only thing lost from conversion was Avatars and broken links to uploaded pictures.

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