Friday, July 11, 2008

Template Chooser

Template chooser for joomla 1.5. With this module users can change the template in the frontend. In the backend you can select which templates you want to show in the frontend.

If the template chooser is not working as it should, check out the FAQ on my homepage.

###### version 2.0 released #######
  • new feature: In the backend you get a list of all templates and you can select which templates you want to show or hide in your module. By default all templates are shown.
  • module now inside a div (class="templatechooser") to allow easier formatting
  • removed the moduleprefix parameter from the backend as it did nothing
  • bugfix: changing the template no longer jumps to the homepage, but just reloads the current page.

My Review

This was easy to install and worked like a champ after editing the includes/application.php file as suggested above.

I set the module to only be available to registered users. A bit of a reward for logging in!

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