Friday, July 11, 2008


This plugin will save you LOTS of time, when it backs you whole database up, once a day.
Version 1.1
* Send to multiple mailaddresses (must be comma separated)
* Export uses DB encoding
* Execute every x days
* Cleaned up code where necessary

Version 1.0
Released - Rewritten for 1.5

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LazyBackup automatically backups your SQL Database. It gives me peace of mind that this is done automatically each day and saved to my Joomla Directory and also emailed to me.

It makes an excellent companion with SQL Dumper that peforms manual backups and restores, which I also highly recommend.

If you have a problem, responses seem a little kurt and high level, which may be a consideration or concern for newbies. The help popups are found by mouseovers in the Plugin control panel for Lazybackups. Again these may short and easy to misunderstand. The help for backup files say to specify the "absolute path," which is incorrect. Through trial and error over several days I found the author meant to tell us to use the "relative path."

Overall this is a very useful pluglin that every Joomla Administrator could use.

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