Friday, July 11, 2008

Handy SWF Flash Module

Display and maintain your Flash SWF movie as easy as a module. Control all of the Flash Player settings, add your own variables to your movie, manage multi language movies (for ex. using JoomFish!), avoid activation click in IE6+ (while displaying the movie with JavaScript), detect if the Flash player is present and can play your movie or automatically display an alternate image. Option for HTML or XHTML valid code, thanks and much love to Stacey Tipton.

1.1 - 31/10/2007
- Option to generate XHTML or HTML compliant code
- Now using SWFObject embed method by Geoff Stearns
- Flash Satay fallback option if there is no javascript and you still need XHTML valid code
- Auto upgrade outdated Flash Players
- More detailed information provided in the administrator

1.0 - 19/10/2007
- First release

My Review

Two problems:

1) the XML file has an ampersand (&) which needs to be changed to (&)amp; parens removed, of course. This is easy to fix.

2) the javascript that creates the deconcept objects isn't initializing before the object call is. So 'deconcept' remains undefined. The script needs to be modified. For one thing, the path to the .js didn't include 'mod_handyswf' in it. Firebug gave me the Joomla 'we can't find this file' message when I tried to read the javascript through it. But fixing that path wasn't enough to fix the darned thing in IE...

Tested in Joomla 1.5, with the 'JA-purity' template, in a right side 'collapsable' column element. Firefox 2, I.E. 7, and Seamonkey.

I'm still in the process of tinkering, so I may have a fix for it soon... but maybe not.

Also, some suggested features:
*Browsing for the swf path;
*A colorpicker for the background color could be cobbled together from some other open-source extensions here.

Oy. Back to the lab. It's a good start, though, thanks for putting this up here.

CircularLogician, a.k.a. Paradox

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